#01 – Pirate Lion

Pirate Lion

  • Franchise:Transformers
  • Collection:Battle Beasts
  • Manufacturer:Takara – Hasbro
  • Year of launch:1987
  • Size:5,5 cm (2 inches)


Pirate Lion of the “Battle Beasts” collection includes the following pieces:

  • Figure
  • Weapon

Curiosities of the figure:

Pirate Lion is part of the “Series 1” figures in the collection Battle Beast. All the figures in this collection have an assigned number, in this case it is “1” Both the figure and his weapon have that number embedded somewhere on the piece.

These rubber humanoid animal figurines have a sticker that when rubbed with your finger shows one of the three elements: fire, water, wood. Thus creating a sort of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game.

Pirate Lion is the protagonist of the little audio-visual material that exists about Battle Beasts, an episode of the Transformers anime and a short comic book series.

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