Big Boss Man

Big Boss Man

  • Franchise:Wrestling
  • Collection:WWF
  • Manufacturer:Hasbro
  • Year of launch:1990
  • Size:12 cm (4,5 inch)


Big Boss Man WWF by Hasbro includes the following pieces:

  • Figure
  • Baton

Curiosities of the figure:

Big Boss Man is part of the “Series 1” figures of the WWF collection produced by HASBRO toymaker, this collection brought to the action figure format the most relevant wrestlers of the famous wrestling TV show.

These figures were distributed in several countries, so we can find the blister card in different languages such as English, Spanish, French, German or Italian.


Big Boss Man, whose real name was Ray Traylor, was a WWF wrestler known for his police officer character. With an image of authority, he wore a police uniform while fighting.

Big Boss Man was involved in several notable rivalries and was known for his ring presence and law enforcement gimmick.

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