Samurai Troopers

Collections of Samurai Troopers Figures:

Samurai Troopers - Takara - Ryo
  • Chodando Power Action Figure Series
  • Takara – (1988)
Ronin warrior ryo hector
  • Ronin Warriors
  • Playmates – (1995)
samurai troopers armor plus - Ryo
  • Armor Plus
  • Bandai / Tamshii Nation – (2009-2020)
Ronin Warriors - Ryo of the Wildfire
  • Sentinel Toys – (2019-2024)

About the Franchise:

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, also called Los 5 samuráis in Spain, Samurai Warriors in Latin America and Ronin Warrior in the United States, is a 39-episode Japanese anime series whose production began in 1988.

We talked about this franchise in more detail in our blog post Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

Like any good anime, several lines of collectible figures have been released.