Toxic Crusaders

Action figure of Toxic Crusaders:

Toxic Crusader - Toxie
  • Toxic Crusaders
  • Playmates – (1991)
ReAction Toxic Crusaders - Toxie
  • ReAction
  • Super7 – (2021-2023)

About the franchise:

Toxic Crusaders was an animated series from 1991, based on the production company’s B movies Troma:  The Toxic Avenger. Starring Toxie, the leader of a group of misfit superheroes who fight against pollution.

The series followed the fashion of the time for series and comics with environmental denunciations, just as they did: Captain Planet, Swamp Thing or even Ninja Turtles.

Only 13 episodes were created of the series, but thanks also to being based on a cult film saga, it had some success, perhaps more among older movie fans than among children.

The fact that the series was short was no excuse for not releasing all kinds of merchandising, trading card collections, video games and of course toys.

As far as figures are concerned, several toy companies over time have obtained the rights to make their own line of figures.