Bionic six

Action figure collections from Bionic Six:

Bionic Six vintage
  • Bionic Six
  • LJN – (1986)

About the Franchise:

Bionic Six known in Spanish-speaking countries as “La familia biónica” was an animated series from the 80’s produced by the studio“Tokyo Movie Shinsha Entertainment”, the plot of the series is about a not too distant future, after 1999, Jack Bennet and his family receive bionic implants to save their lives, which gives them special abilities that they use in the fight against aliens and the villains led by the Dr. Scarab.

The series has a total of 65 episodes divided into two seasons. Even though it is a series created in Japan by the prestigious director Osamu Dezaki (Golgo 13), it cannot be considered an anime, since it was co-produced in the United States where it enjoyed most of its success.

Obviously, like any self-respecting 80s series, a line of figures was released alongside the series.

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