Bionic six – LJN

In 1986 and along with the launch of the Bionic Six series, toy company LJN launched a line of toys with the characters from the series. This collection had a total of 13 figures, 5 vehicles and 1 Playset.

Of this line, the material of the figures stands out, which are practically entirely metallic, except for the accessories and heads. This made the figures much more robust and durable than plastic ones, the scale used for these figures was the same as GI JOE, between 9 and 10 cm. (3,75 inch)

In this checklist, we review all the pieces that are part of the action figure collection of the Bionic Six


With a total of 13 figures, the Bionic six collection is a fairly short collection to complete, although due to their lack of success, and since they did not sell much, they are not easy pieces to find.

Vehicles and Playsets:

Along with the collection of figures, several vehicles and a playsets were released; these pieces are the most difficult to obtain in this collection.