Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest Figure Collections:

Figure collection the adventures of Fly - Dai
  • Battle Action Series
  • Takara – (1991)
Drave Collection - 01 Dai
  • Brave Collection
  • Takara – (1992)
Dragon Quest Figma - Dai
  • Action Figure Series
  • Figma – (2022-2023)

About the franchise:

The adventure of Fly, originally called Dai no Daiboken, is a manga based on the fantasy world of the videogame Dragon Quest.

Explains the adventures of Fly and his companions, who fight to defeat the army of Evil led by the Dark King Vearn. The story is simple, but it works very well, thanks to a number of very original evil characters and that “role-playing” touch of the story, which reflects very well the initial intention, explaining a story in the world of Dragon Quest a famous saga of role-playing video games.

Unfortunately, although the manga had a great reception, the anime of the 90’s could not be completed due to lack of budget and left many children of the time half finished.

A mistake that could be corrected 30 years later in 2020 with a re-release of the anime, which this time did finish the story.

Obviously, like any successful anime, several action figure collections were released for the enjoyment of 90’s kids and modern day collectors.