Star Wars

Star Wars figures collections:

Star Wars Vintage - Luke Skywalker
  • Vintage (Figures)
  • Kenner – (1978-1984)
Star Wars vintage - Cantina Adventure set
  • Vintage (Vehicles and Playsets)
  • Kenner – (1978-1984)

About the franchise:

“Star Wars” is an iconic science fiction franchise created by George Lucas. The saga began in 1977 with the release of “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” and has grown to become a global cultural phenomenon. The narrative takes place in a galaxy far, far away and follows the struggle between the forces of good, represented by the Jedi and the Rebel Alliance, and the forces of evil, led by the malevolent Galactic Empire and the Sith.

Today, Star Wars remains one of the most influential franchises in popular culture. His legacy manifests itself not only on the big screen, but also in theme parks, video games, toys and a wide variety of products.

The diversity of characters and rich mythology of Star Wars have attracted generations of fans, making it an enduring force in the world of entertainment. The franchise continues to inspire new audiences as it celebrates its rich history and looks to the future with new productions and projects.