Street Sharks

Collections of Street Sharks figures:

Street Sharks - Pool Shark Ripster
  • Street Sharks
  • Mattel – (1994-1996)
Hand Sharks - Streex
  • Hand Sharks
  • Mattel – (1994)

About the franchise:

The franchise Street Sharks was created in the 1990s and consists of an animated television series, toys and comics. The plot revolves around four mutant shark brothers who, thanks to a genetic experiment, are transformed into half-human and half-shark beings. The brothers become superheroes and fight against various villains in their city, Fission City.

The television series was produced by DIC Entertainment and consists of three seasons with a total of 40 episodes. The Street Sharks toys were popular in their day and became one of the main merchandising products associated with the series. Comic books based on the franchise were also published.

Although the franchise was a great success in its time, its popularity has waned over time and no new content has been produced in many years. However, Street Sharks is still remembered with nostalgia by many fans of the 1990s.