Collections of Thundercats figures:

Thundercats vintage - Lion-O
  • Thundercats
  • LJN – (1985-1987)

About the franchise:

Thundercats started as an animated series in 1985, it explains the adventures of a group of extraterrestrial humanoid felines fleeing the destruction of their home planet Thundera. The story was created and written by Theodore Walter “Tobin” Wolf and Leonard Starr. And produced by Rankin/Bass Productions, the same company that created the Silverhawks (Halcones Galácticos) and TygerSharks (Los Tigres del Mar). The series ran for 4 seasons and was a hit with the children of the time. Subsequently, several comics produced by DC came out, where they expanded the story of the original series and where they even dared to make a “cross-over” with Masters of the Univers.

In 2011 a new animated series was produced by Cartoon Network that was also well received by fans, although it was cancelled after the first season. In 2020 a new attempt was made to resurrect the franchise, this time with a series called Thundercats Roar which used a much more childish style, which fans don’t like at all.

Without a doubt, Thundercats was one of the most popular series in the 1980s and enjoyed much success, today there are still many fans of the series waiting for more content to be created.

Like every successful series, several lines of action figures have been released. Both the first animated series (1985) and the second (2011), had their own line of toys, in later years, other toy companies have taken over the rights of the franchise and have released other more premium collections, with a more adult target, the children of the 80’s today converted into collectors.