• Franchise:Bionic Six
  • Collection:vintage
  • Manufacturer:LJN
  • Release year:1986
  • Size:10cm / 3,75″


List of accessories for the JD figure from the Bionic Six vintage collection:

  • Cowboy Hat
  • Mini computer.
  • Scaner

Variants and curiosities

J.D. Bennett (IQ): An African-American adopted son of the Bennetts, he is chronologically the oldest of the four and the only one without a number in the code name, which is an abbreviation of the expression Intelligence quotient, referring to his gifted intelligence. His bionic abilities give him a gifted brain capable of performing calculations at speeds faster than a computer and he is physically the strongest of the six;

There are no known variants of this figure, but we can find it with some different cartons depending on the place of distribution;

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