Checklist – Armor Plus

Between the years 2009-2013 BANDAI launched this line of premium figures of the series “Yoroiden Samurai Troopers”, they are very articulated and detailed figures, they stand out for having a plastic body and a mostly metallic armor.

This collection is very reminiscent of the “Myth Cloth EX” of Saint Seiya, but with characters from another franchise.

Figures checklist:

Special Color Edition:

Several years after releasing the first 6 figures, a new version was released under the name “Special Color Edition”, these figures are the same ones a little renovated and with a slight change of color in the armor.

For the moment we have only had the possibility to enjoy the figures of the main characters and we have been a little bit with the desire to see those of the villains that do exist in other collections of figures of the Samurai Troopers.