• Franchise:Dino-Riders
  • Collection:Dino-Riders
  • Manufacturer:Tyco
  • Year of launch:1989


The figure Placerias from Dino-Rider includes the following accessories:

  • Skate (figure)
  • Rulon Weapons Pack (6)
  • Helmet-brain-controler
  • Harness
  • Giant hook
  • Cable
  • Hitch harness-hook

Curiosities and variants of the figure

Placerias is part of the second wave of the Dino-Riders collection, a line of mechanized dinosaur figures with armor.

This line was distributed by different toy companies depending on the country, so we can find this figure with different boxes with stamps from different toy companies.

The collection was originally created by toymaker TYCO with the collaboration of a group of scientists from the Smithsonian Institution, the dinosaur figures were validated by Anthropologists.

Some of these dinosaur figurines were also sold in the museums of Smithsonian Institution, but without armor or fictitious characters.

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