Vol.00 Son Gokou Perfect Version

Vol.00 – Son Gokou

  • Franchise:Dragon Ball
  • Collection:Super Battle Collection
  • Manufacturer:Bandai
  • Year of release:1998
  • Size:15cm / 6 inches


The Dragon ball Son Gokou Perfect Version figure from “Super Battle Collection” includes the following accessories:

  • 4 heads
  • 4 arms

Figures, curiosities and variants:

This figure is the latest in the collection released by BANDAI, a sort of tribute to the protagonist of the series, a new sculpt of Son Goku, with multiple arms and heads for each of his different Saiyan level transformations.


Son Goku is the main protagonist of the manga and anime of Dragon ball and all its sequels, a boy who came to Earth from the Saiyan planet and was raised by a human elder. He is especially strong and good at martial arts, kind-hearted and with a sense of humor.

Throughout the series, he fights countless enemies, always winning through hard work. He is undoubtedly one of the most mythical characters of all anime.

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