Vol.20 Majin Boo

Vol.20 – Majin Boo

  • Franchise:Dragon Ball
  • Collection:Super Battle Collection
  • Manufacturer:Bandai
  • Year of release:1997
  • Size:15cm / 6 inches


The figure of Majin Boo of Dragon ball – “Super Battle Collection” includes the following accessories:

  • Cape

Figures, curiosities and variants:

After the success of the first figures of the collection, BANDAI decided to continue releasing figures of other characters from the successful series Dragon ball Z, this figure was created in Hong Kong and distributed around the world, no variants of this figure are known. Although you have to be careful because there are quite successful copies of this piece, to differentiate it is best to look if it has the BANDAI logo on the box.


Majin Boo also known as the Monster Buu is a villain from the Dragon ball Z, A kind of genie of the lamp with great power, he has various forms and transformations in which his character and strength change. This version, known as the Fat Buu or Innocent Buu, is the good part of the character.

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