Checklist – Super Collection

In 1991, one of the first lines of collectible figures from Dragon Ball Z was released, this was the Super Collection. What stood out and continues to stand out about this collection is the quality of the sculptures, which even today, more than 30 years after their release, still look very good, even better than many of today’s sculptures.

These figures were made of soft Vinyl and hand painted, what in Japanese terms we know as “SOFUBI”, the same technique used to create many of the Japanese “KAIJUS” figures.

This line was not intended to be sold on a large scale in toy stores around the world, in fact, they were sold only in Japan and their price was quite high for the time.

Even so, this did not prevent these figures from reaching the rest of the world, imported by specialized stores, since at that time, Dragon ball Z was already a mass phenomenon and there was a great demand for figures.

We suppose that due to the high price of these figures, their market was greatly reduced, but a year later BANDAI itself began to produce another line of figures of Dragon ball Z, this time yes, on a large scale to meet the growing demand at that time, and at a much more affordable price, the Super Battle Collection, which would become a worldwide bestseller, and one of the most beloved lines for children at the time.

The Super Collection is a high quality and not very extensive line of figures which makes it my favorite vintage figure collection from Dragon Ball.