• Franchise:Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Fly
  • Collection:Brave Collection of Adventure
  • Manufacturer:Takara
  • Year of launch:1992
  • Size:10 cm / 4 Inches


The figure of Maam of the collection “Brave Collection of Adventure” has the following accessories:

  • Gun
  • Staff

Curiosities about the figure:

Piece number 04 of the collection. Like the rest of the “Brave Collection” pieces the Maam comes in a cardboard box and includes a pamphlet. This collection stands out for being the one with the greatest variety of characters of all those based on the manga/anime Dain no Daibouken (The Adventures of Fly).


Maam is one of the main members of a group of heroes led by Dai in her fight against the dark lord, she was also one of the hero’s disciples Avan.

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