Checklist – He-man – New adventures

Following the great success of the line Masters of the Universe (vintage) In the early 80’s, the franchise was gradually losing strength and that resulted in a reduction in sales of the figures, which led to the cancellation of both the animated series and the line of figures.

A few years later, toymaker MATTEL attempted to relaunch the franchise, creating a new animated series in 1990 and a new line of toys. This new series was called “He-man, the new adventures“, unfortunately this series was not as well received as the original from the 80’s and the figure line also failed to achieve the same success as its predecessor.

Still, many MOTU fans and collectors appreciate this branch within the franchise, as well as its figures. So much so that in future collections such as MOTU Classics or Masterverse characters from this series appear.

Here we can see a list of all the figures, vehicles and playsets that were released between 1989 and 1992.

Figures (1989-1990)

During the first two years of the collection, 15 normal figures and one deluxe figure larger than the rest were released. As the collection was not a success, they also launched several packs of two figures for the price of one in order to encourage sales.

Figures (1991-1992)

The animated series was not having the expected success and the pace of sales of the figures was not the desired by MATTEL, the number of figures released to the market was gradually decreasing until the end of the collection, the runs of these last 12 figures was shorter, so these figures are somewhat more complicated to get today, even the last four figures came out only in the European market, these being the most difficult to get.

Vehicles, Playsets and Accessories

In addition to the 28 figures, the collection also included several vehicles, spaceships, playsets and even some extra accessory packs for the figures, exclusive to the European market.


Although at the time this collection did not enjoy the success expected by MATELL, nor did the animated series, I think that as time has passed MOTU fans are becoming more and more accepting of this line, as other series, comics and movies have come out and the Masterverse the idea of He-man in space doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

The inclusion of this line in the comic “The Masters of the Multiverse” I think it may have awakened the interest of the Fans in this saga and in this collection of figures, which undoubtedly has several very interesting pieces.