Skeletor Battle Armor

Skeletor Battle Armor

  • Franchise:Masters of the Universe
  • Collection:Vintage
  • Manufacturer:Mattel
  • Year of launch:1984
  • Size:14 cm / 5,5 inches


The figure of Skeletor Battle Armor of MOTU vintage collection includes the following accessories:

  • Sword
  • Staff

Curiosities and variants of the figure

This figure is part of the third wave of figures from the vintage “Masters of the Universe” collection released by Mattel in 1984.

Here we have the second figure of Skeletor, the main antagonist of the franchise, this time with an armor where the chest part rotates when receiving hits and thus shows different states of damage.

This figure was released in several countries, so we can find it with cards in different languages, and with slight changes in some colors.

This figure was also included in a pack with other figures.


Skeletor is the main antagonist of the “Masters of the Universe” franchise, an evil demon who leads an army of villains. The aspirations of Skeletor are to defeat He-man and take over the powers of the Grayskull Castle, becoming the most powerful being in the universe and thus having Eternia and the rest of the universe under his control.

The character of Skeletor is possibly the most mythical and famous of the entire franchise, even surpassing the main character He-man, today we can already consider him as an icon of the 80’s and even of pop culture.

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