Snout Spout

Snout Spout

  • Franchise:Masters of the Universe
  • Collection:Vintage
  • Manufacturer:Mattel
  • Release year:1986
  • Size:14cm – 5,5 inches


The vintage MOTU Snout Spout figure includes the following accessories:

  • Axe
  • Backpack cap

Curiosities and variants of the figure

This figure is part of the fifth wave of the vintage “Masters of the Universe” collection created by Mattel in 1986.

It was distributed in different countries, so we can find this piece with cards in different languages or with slight changes in some colors.


Snout Spout is distinguished by its elephant trunk-shaped head, which it uses to shoot high-pressure water jets at its enemies.

Originally a firefighter in Eternia, he was transformed into his current form through magic or science, depending on the version of the story.

Its ability to handle water makes it a valuable combatant in fire situations or when it is necessary to neutralize adversaries with a non-lethal method.

Snout Spout combines physical strength with unique water control abilities, valiantly fighting against the forces of evil.

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