Pegasus (Memorial)

Pegasus (Memorial)

  • Franchise:Saint Seiya
  • Collection:Vintage
  • Manufacturer:Bandai
  • Year of launch:1987
  • Size:12cm (4,5 inch)


Pegasus (Memorial) figure of “Saint Seiya Vintage” collection includes the following accessories:

  • Armor
  • Object (base)
  • Instructions

Curiosities and variants

In 1987 to celebrate the success of the line, the toymaker BANDAI released the “memorial” version of the five bronze knights, this version is the same figure as the original Pegasus (V1), but with gold-colored armor.

It was only distributed in Japan and with a limited number of units. Which makes these 5 pieces quite expensive and hard to find. The pegasus figure being the most expensive of the five.

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