• Franchise:Saint Seiya
  • Collection:Vintage
  • Manufacturer:Bandai
  • Year of launch:1988
  • Size:14cm (4,75 inch)


Scylla figure from “Saint Seiya – Vintage” collection includes the following accessories:

  • Armor
  • Object (base)
  • Instruction manual

Curiosities and variants

Io of Scylla, one of the Generals of Poseidon. Scylla was a legendary sea monster with the shape of a beautiful young woman on the upper half of her body and 6 demonic beasts on the lower half. As in the legend, Io of Scylla, hides the powers of the eagle, the wolf, the queen bee, the snake, the bat and the bear in his armor. Being a warrior of honor, whose power is equal to or greater than that of the golden knights, after being defeated by Shun of Andromeda, threw himself against the South Pacific Ocean Pillar to protect it, costing him his life.

This figure was marketed both in Japan and in the West can the box in French, just like the rest of the figures of the generals of Poseidon highlights why his armor mixes golds with more orange colors.

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