• Franchise:Samurai Troopers
  • Collection:Ronin warriors
  • Manufacturer:Playmates
  • Year of launch:1995
  • Size:14cm / 5 Inches


Ryo figure of Ronin warriors includes the following accessories:

  • Complete armor (12 pieces)
  • Katana x2
  • Piece joins Katanas
  • Back scabbard
  • Knife
  • Ninja star

Curiosities and variants

Depending on the place and year of manufacture we can find this piece with its arms in different colors: Orange or Red. Its large number of accessories makes it a very complicated piece to get complete, so much so, that in the case of being completists, it is often easier to directly acquire the figure in blister.

Like the rest of the figures in this collection, we can find the American version under the name of Ronin Warriors and the European version under the name Samurai Warriors. The only difference is the name printed on the blister card, the figure itself is the same.


Ryo also called Hector in the Spanish version. He is the protagonist of the series and the leader of the 5 samurais. He has the power of fire.

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