Mon-Star & Sky-Shadow

Mon*Star & Sky-Shadow

  • Franchise:Silverhawks
  • Collection:vintage
  • Manufacturer:Kenner
  • Release year:1986
  • Size:13 cm (5″)


Accessory listing for the “Mon*Star & Sky-Shadow” figure from the SilverHawks collection:

  • Hawk (Sky-Shadow)

Variants and curiosities

Mon*Star is the main villain of the series and leader of the Gang. The self-appointed “master of the planets” is the most dangerous and sought-after alien in the Limbo galaxy.

In its “normal” state it is a being all covered in black fur, a mane of black and red colors, and on its face it has a patch with a star engraved on it.

When exposed to the light of the Moon Star, he transforms into a huge being with reddish armor, extra strength and endurance.

The figure allows us to enjoy the two versions of this character with an “action-feature” that allows us to rotate the head and thus see its two forms.

Although there are no known variants of this figure, it can be found in two types of blister packs, American and European.

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