Quicksilver – Ultrasonic

Quicksilver – Ultrasonic

  • Franchise:Silverhawks
  • Collection:vintage
  • Manufacturer:Kenner
  • Release year:1986
  • Size:13 cm (5″)


List of accessories for the “Quicksilver – Ultrasonic” figure from the SilverHawks collection:

  • Wings
  • Weapon
  • Hawk

Variants and curiosities

Quicksilver is the leader of the team, he is partnered by Tally-hawk, a cyber hawk. Retired member of the Federal Interplanetary Forces, he is the one who generally plans strategies and gives orders.

This figure is undoubtedly the most complicated piece of the collection to get, a real Holy-grail, if we want it in its original blister pack we are going to have to pay several thousand euros/dollars.

Although there are no known variants of this figure, we can find it with two types of blister packs, the American and the European.

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