Cloud Car Pilot

Cloud Car Pilot

  • Franchise:Star Wars
  • Collection:Vintage
  • Manufacturer:Kenner
  • Year of release:1982
  • Size:9,5 cm / 3.75 Inches


Cloud Car Pilot figure of the Star Wars collection (vintage) includes the following accessories:

  • Gun
  • Reader

Curiosities and variants of the figure

Cloud Car Pilot: In 1982 KENNER launched the fifth wave of figures of its Star Wars collection, this wave contains figures based on the characters of the movie “The Empire Strikes Back”.

This figure was reedited several times and released in different countries or with different promotions, so we will be able to find it with different cardbacks, although the figure is the same in all its versions.


The Cloud Car Pilots are characters in Star Wars that appear in “The Empire Strikes Back”. These pilots operate “Cloud Cars”, small atmospheric craft used to patrol and maintain security in Cloud City on the planet Bespin. Their distinctive double-doored ships are used to maintain order in the floating metropolis.

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