Technodrome Scout Vehicle

Technodrome Scout Vehicle

  • Franchise:TMNT
  • Collection:Vintage
  • Manufacturer:Playmates
  • Year of launch:1993


Technodrome Scout Vehicle of TMNT Vintage includes the following accessories:

  • Superior Blaster
  • Front Blaster
  • Side Blasters x2
  • Frontal missiles x2
  • Front bores x2
  • Belt
  • Superior weapon missile
  • Stickers

Curiosities and variants

Technodrome Scout Vehicle is a vehicle launched in 1993 to accompany the action figures of the Ninja Turtles collection.

A miniature blue version of the famous Playset Technodrome, in this case it can house a figure inside and be used as a vehicle.

Due to the large number of accessories, it can be complicated to get it complete, even though it is not a very expensive piece.

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