• Franchise:Thundercats
  • Collection:LJN Vintage
  • Manufacturer:LJN
  • Year of launch:1987
  • Size:16cm / 7 inches


Mongor figure of Thundercats LJN – Vintage includes the following accessories:

  • Scythe

Curiosities and variants of the figure

Mongor is part of the figures released last year in the collection, all of these figures are somewhat more expensive than the rest, although they are not as scarce as it might seem.


Mongor is an evil goat-like being who terrorized the Third Planet until he was imprisoned in his prison of tombs. This goat villain feeds on fear and grows in size and strength.

With a giant scythe, Mongor has many magical powers, including the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes, spew flames from his mouth and is completely immune to fire.

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