Major Disaster

Major Disaster

  • Franchise:Toxic Crusaders
  • Collection:ReAction
  • Manufacturer:Super7
  • Year of launch:2022
  • Size:10cm / 3,75″


The figure of Major Disaster of the “Toxic Crusaders – ReAction” collection includes the following accessories:

  • Knife
  • Machine gun

Curiosities and variants of this figure:

Major Disaster is part of the first six pieces of the “Toxic Crusaders – ReAction” figure collection from the SUPER7 toy company, the ReAction figures are a line that launched many pieces from different franchises, including the characters from the 90’s animated series “Toxic Crusaders”, as well as others based on the movie “Toxic Avenger”.


Major Disaster was a soldier who was in a wild field during a training exercise. It fell into a radioactive swamp and emerged with the ability to control vegetation and plant life. Then met Nozone and learned of Melvin’s mutation, the pair left for Tromaville to join the Toxic Crusaders.

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