Toxie – Glow

Toxie – Glow

  • Franchise:Toxic Crusaders
  • Collection:ReAction
  • Manufacturer:Super7
  • Year of launch:2022
  • Size:10cm / 3,75″


The figure of Toxie – Glow of the “Toxic Crusaders – ReAction” collection includes the following accessories:

  • Mop

Curiosities and variants of this figure:

Toxie – Glow is one of the figures based on the main character of the movie “Toxic Avenger” in the ReAction collection, these are a series of figures that launched the toy company SUPER7 where there are a lot of pieces from different franchises, movies and even music groups.


Toxie is the protagonist of the cult B-movie “Toxic Avenger”. Young Melvin is the victim of a prank and falls into a bucket full of radioactive waste that transforms him into Toxie, an abominable creature with super strength. Good old Melvin decides to use his superpowers to fight evil and bring peace to his hometown of Tromaville.

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