Ludvig Borga

Ludvig Borga

  • Franchise:Wrestling
  • Collection:WWF
  • Manufacturer:Hasbro
  • Year of launch:1994
  • Size:12 cm (4,5 inch)


Ludvig Borga WWF by Hasbro includes the following pieces:

  • Figure

Curiosities of the figure:

Ludvig Borga is part of the “Series 11” figures of the WWF collection produced by HASBRO toymaker, this collection brought to the action figure format the most relevant wrestlers of the famous wrestling TV show.

These figures were distributed in several countries, so we can find the blister card in different languages such as English, Spanish, French, German or Italian.

All “Series 11” figures, also called “Green Card”, are considered difficult to obtain, as it is assumed that since this was the last wave of figures in the collection, fewer units were made;


Ludvig Borga was the stage name of Tony Halme, a professional wrestler who had a brief but impactful career in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in the early 1990s. He made his WWF debut in 1993 and adopted an anti-American and anti-environment persona.

With a focus on his Finnish identity, Ludvig Borga presented himself as an elitist and nationalist fighter. He had a prominent participation in important events, including a fight at Survivor Series in 1993.

Ludvig Borga at the WWF was relatively brief, as he left the company in 1994 due to health problems and injuries. After his time in wrestling, Tony Halme entered politics in Finland.

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