Biker Mice from Mars - action figures

Checklist – Biker Mice from Mars

In 1993, along with the launching of the animated series “Biker Mice from Mars”, called “Motorratones de Marte” in Spanish, the toy company Galoob launched a line of toys with the characters of the series.

Basic line – Figures:

The collection started with 10 figures, 5 of the good guys and 5 of the villains:

Basic Line – Vehicles and Playsets:

At the same time that Galoob launched the first figures of the line, it also included several motorcycles and playsets:

Freedom Fighters:

After the success of the first wave of figures (basic line), the following year, the toy company Galoob decided to continue with the collection by launching several waves of figures and vehicles under the same theme.

Here we have the Freedom Fighters, a militarized version of the mice, this sub-line brought us 5 new figures and 4 vehicles:

Off-Road Bro’s

We continue with a new sub-line of the collection, this time the mice and their Quad Cross themed vehicles.

This wave is short, only including the three mice and their three vehicles:

Sports Bro’s

Another short sub-line, in this case with a sports theme, in this wave only 4 figures were released:

Astro Bro’s

We reached the last year of the collection, where a couple more waves came out, here we have a space themed one:

Biker Knights

We reach the last wave of figures in the collection, in this case we find the mice with metallic armor in the purest space knight style.

All the figures of this sub-line are quite difficult to obtain, as they were only sold in some European countries.

And with this we reach the end of the checklist of figures of the “Biker Mice from Mars”, this collection is the one of the 6 inches figures, besides these figures Galoob also launched others of different scale that we will review in other checklists.


In addition to all the pieces listed above, Galoob also released some packs called “Gift Sets” that included a figure and a vehicle.

Several of these packs are simply another way of selling the same pieces in packs, but in some cases these figures and/or vehicles are exclusive of that pack.

Here we list the 6 packs that have exclusive pieces: