Biker Mice from Mars - action figures



  • Franchise:Biker Mice from Mars
  • Collection:vintage
  • Manufacturer:Galoob
  • Year of launch:1993
  • Size:15 cm – 6 inches


Four-By of the “Biker Mice from Mars” figure collection includes the following accessories:

  • Helmet
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Body Weapon

Variants and curiosities

This piece is part of the first wave of figures from the “Biker Mice from Mars” collection created by the toy company Galoob in 1993. These figures are based on the characters of the cartoon series of the same name.

This figure is by far the most difficult piece to obtain of the whole collection, an authentic Holy-Grail, only figures with cardboard in English are known, so we suppose that it was exclusive of some English-speaking country. There are no known variants of this figure.


Four-By is a character from the 90’s animated series “Biker Mice from Mars”. He is an expert mechanic in four-wheeled vehicles, such as trucks and jeeps, and becomes an ally of the Biker Mice.

Four-By is robust and has a friendly and helpful personality. With his knowledge of mechanics and his ability to handle heavy vehicles, he provides crucial assistance in various missions and battles against the Plutarkians, supporting the Biker Mice in their fight to protect the Earth.

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