Biker Mice from Mars - action figures

Scoreboard Hideout

Scoreboard Hideout

  • Franchise:Biker Mice from Mars
  • Collection:vintage
  • Manufacturer:Galoob
  • Year of launch:1993


Scoreboard Hideout of the “Biker Mice from Mars” figure collection includes the following accessories:

  • Stickers
  • Tools pack (3 piezas)
  • Lights x3
  • Hoses with tool x5
  • Basketball basket
  • Basketball
  • Web
  • Missiles x2
  • Ladder/ramp + supports
  • Small weapon (blue)
  • Large gun with turret
  • Exercise table
  • Weight bar
  • Weights – tires x3
  • Missiles x2
  • Missile holder x2

Variants and curiosities

This piece is part of the first wave of figures from the “Biker Mice from Mars” collection created by the toy company Galoob in 1993.

The collection was distributed in different countries, so we can find the box in different languages.

This is the secret base of the Motorratones, the largest playset in the collection, its amount of accessories and small parts makes it a difficult piece to get complete.

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