Biker Mice from Mars - action figures

Vinnie – Street Bike

Vinnie – Street Bike

  • Franchise:Biker Mice from Mars
  • Collection:vintage
  • Manufacturer:Galoob
  • Year of launch:1995
  • Size:15 cm – 6 inches


Vinnie – Street Bike of the “Bike Mice from Mars” figure collection includes the following accessories:

  • Figure
  • Helmet
  • Motorcycle
  • Motorcycle front (2 pieces)

Variants and curiosities

This pack includes a figure and a vehicle.

This pack includes the figure of Vinnie of the sub-line Off-Road Bros, although it only includes his helmet as an accessory.

The motorcycle included in this pack is exclusive to this pack, it is similar in color to the ATV of Off-Road, but in this case in its 2-wheel version instead of 4 wheels.

This piece is among the most difficult to find in the collection, the few that I have been able to find on second hand platforms are usually sold from Scandinavian countries (Denmark or Sweden), which may lead us to suspect that these packs “Street Bike“, were mostly sold in these countries, but I have not been able to confirm this.

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