• Franchise:Captain Planet
  • Manufacturer:Tiger Toys & Kenner
  • Year of launch:1991
  • Size:14-15cm / 6 inches


Ma-ti of the Captain Planet collection includes the following accessories:

  • Ring (Heart)
  • Staff
  • Monkey
  • Bag

Curiosities and variants of this figure:

Ma-ti is part of the collection of figures based on the animated series “Captain Planet” released during the decade of the 90’s.

This figure was released by the toy companies TIGER TOY in America and KENNER in Europe, so we can find it with cartons in different languages, but the figure is unchanged.

This figure was also included in a pack together with Kwame, this pack also can be found with a color variant of this figure.


Ma-Ti is the bearer of the “Ring of Heart” and the last Planetary to be summoned. Despite being the youngest, he is usually the first to come to his senses and expose the truth to other planeteers if they are lost or arguing.

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