Checklist – Captain Planet

In 1991 the toy company TIGER TOYS launched to the American market a line of figures based on the animated series of “Captain Planet and the Planeteers”, the toy company in charge of bringing this line to Europe was KENNER.

Most of these figures can be found with cardboard from both markets, with small differences in the cardboard and the language of this, but there are also some figures that were only taken out in one of these continents…

In addition to all the figures, vehicles and playsets. Some packs were also sold with the same rings included with some figures.

Next, we take a look at all the pieces launched as part of the “Captain Planet” collection.

Captain Planet:

Captain Planet was the hero and main protagonist of the animated series, he could be presented in different ways depending on the situation he was in, up to 9 different Captain Planet figures were released as part of this first line of the collection.

In 1994 the toy company TIGER TOY released 3 extra figures of the main character in an attempt to relaunch the line under the name “The new adventures of Captain Planet”.


The “Eco-Heroes” are Captain Planet’s allies, five children with power rings who together can summon the Captain to fight the evil. Several figures of the “Eco-heroes” came out as part of the figure collection, some even in packs.


Like any good series, in “Captain Planet” there were a lot of villains willing to destroy, contaminate and infect the world, these are the figures of these evil villains:

Vehicles and Playsets:

Obviously, a series of vehicles and playsets were released along with the action figures.