• Franchise:DC Comics
  • Collection:Super Powers
  • Manufacturer:Kenner
  • Year of launch:1985
  • Size:12cm (4,5 inch)


Parademon figure of the Super Powers includes the following accessories:

  • Yellow gun
  • Cómic

Curiosities and variants of the figure

Parademon figure is part of the second wave of figures in the collection of the Super Powers produced by the toy company KENNER between 1984-1986.

This figure was distributed in several countries, so we can find some differences in the blister cartons, in some editions a comic was included, or different offers like the one of the figure of Clark Kent or the cape of Superman.

Like the rest of the figures in the collection, the figure of Parademon had an “Action-Feature” in which when his legs are squeezed, his arms are raised to emulate the use of his wings.


The Parademons are creatures of the army of Apokopips. They are genetically created in laboratories and serve loyally.

When Darkseid decides to mount an interplanetary invasion (usually Earth), it sends out waves of Parademons as a driving force. The Parademons have engaged in combat with several of the superheroes, particularly the Justice League.

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