Checklist – Masterverse

Masterverse is a collection of figures primarily focused on adult collectors, re-releasing several figures in a 7-inch scale. This collection revisits different universes within the “Masters of the Universe” franchise, bringing out figures based on designs from different animated series, comics or past toy lines.

This line tries to follow the style of MOTUC with a larger scale and more detailed and articulated figures, but this time for sale in stores instead of the subscription-based sales system that followed the line Classics.


The figures listed below are based on character designs from the Netflix-produced series “Masters of the universe – Revelation”.

Revelation Deluxe

The Deluxe versions of Revelation are figures that were sold a little more expensive than the normal ones, these used to be a little bigger or come with more accessories. Here we can also find figures sold exclusively at some events such as the “San Diego Comic Con” or through the Mattel Creations.