• Franchise:Masters of the Universe
  • Collection:Vintage
  • Manufacturer:Mattel
  • Year of launch:1984
  • Size:14 cm / 5,5 inches


The vintage MOTU Clawful figure includes the following accessories:

  • Mace
  • Breastplate

Curiosities and variants:

One of the henchmen of Skeletor, Clawful is considered one of the most loyal villains to this one, with great brute strength and a deadly claw that can put in trouble He-man.

Depending on the country of manufacture of this figure, colors may vary slightly.

But there is no doubt that the variant created in Mexico is the one that stands out from the rest, the Mexican toymaker “AURIMAT” created this piece totally changing the color of the mace from green to orange/pink, this variant is considered a “Holy Grail” within the vintage MOTU variants.

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