• Franchise:Masters of the Universe
  • Collection:Vintage
  • Manufacturer:Mattel
  • Year of launch:1985
  • Size:14 cm / 5,5 inches


The figure of Moss-man from MOTU vintage includes the following accessories:

  • Mace

Curiosities and variants of the figure

This figure was part of the fourth wave of figures from the vintage “Masters of the Universe” collection, released by Mattel in 1985.

It was launched in different countries, so we can find it with cartons in different languages or with slight color changes.

The figure of Moss man is notable for having its entire body covered with green fur. There is a known Argentinian variant of the toy company TOP TOYS where its coat is much longer than the rest.


Moss Man is a being that can control nature and become it, on several occasions. Moss man allies with the Heroic warriors to fight the forces of evil.

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