• Franchise:Masters of the Universe
  • Collection:Vintage
  • Manufacturer:Mattel
  • Year of launch:1984
  • Size:14 cm / 5,5 inches


The figure of Webstor of MOTU vintage includes the following accessories:

  • Gun
  • Breastplate with mechanism
  • Hook
  • Triangle stop

Curiosities and variants of the figure

The figure of Webstor tries to look like a half-spider humanoid, it has an “Action Feature” in which by hooking its hook and pulling the cord at the bottom of its backpack, the figure is able to climb up the cord as if it were a spider’s web.

Getting this figure complete and working can be a bit complicated, as it is easy to find the hook broken or without the triangle that stops the rope.

This figure was produced in different countries and some variants of it are know, the most famous is the “Big Head Webstor” produced in Mexico by AURIMAT, this version has a larger head size than the rest of the versions, supposedly due to a failure in the manufacturing of the mold.

We also have an Argentine version of the TOP TOYS toymaker in which the color of the belt is totally black.


Webstor is a humanoid with spider-like qualities, it is a great ally of Skeletor, intelligent and skillful, who does not hesitate to contradict the lord of destruction when he does not share the same opinion as him.

In more modern versions of the character, extra limbs and eyes are added, accentuating his arachnid side.

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