Dragon (v1)

Dragon (v1)

  • Franchise:Saint Seiya
  • Collection:Vintage
  • Manufacturer:Bandai
  • Year of launch:1987
  • Size:12cm (4,5 inch)


Dragon (v1) figure of “Saint Seiya Vintage” collection includes the following accessories:

  • Armor
  • Object (base)
  • Instruction manual

Curiosities and variants

Shiryu is the bronze knight of the Dragon and disciple of Dokho of Libra. Together with his companions, they protect the goddess Athenea from all kinds of dangers throughout the series

During the course of the series the design of the bronze knights’ armor evolves, thus having different figures of the same character with some changes in the armor.

In this case we have the V1 version of the armor from Dragon, as its own number indicates, the V1 is the first version of the armor and is the one which Shiryu used throughout the sanctuary saga.

This figure was released in Japan in 1987 and came out with two different types of boxes, the ones known as “First Born” and the “Window Box”, the figure itself is exactly the same, the only difference being the box, having the “Window Box” a transparent part from where you can see the figure and the “First Born” being totally closed, differences can also be seen in the design and illustration of these.

The V1 version of the Bronze Knights also arrived in Europe a few years later, but was only distributed with the French box.

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