Kento of the Hardrock

Kento of the Hardrock

  • Franchise:Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
  • Collection:CHOU-DAN-KADOU
  • Manufacturer:Sentinel Toys
  • Year of release:2020
  • Size:15 cm / 6 Inches


Kento of the Hardrock figure from the “CHOU-DAN-KADOU” collection has the following accessories:

  • Full Armor
  • Weapons
  • Instructions
  • Armor Support
  • Spare heads and hands

Curiosities about the figure:

Sentinel toys brings us this Kento of the Hardrock, a high end figure, very articulated and detailed, both the figure and the armor are made of plastic with some magnetic parts to keep the armor in place.

Not many units of this figure were created and that makes it a bit more exclusive. The price of this figure is somewhat high as it usually happens in figures of this type.

The box is available in two languages, English or Japanese.

Unlike other premium lines such as the “Armor Plus” the color of the armor is matte and more reminiscent of the anime, but the material is plastic and not metallic as in the line produced by BANDAI.


Shu, also known as Kento or Tristan depending on the country of issue. The strongest member of the group is linked to the elemental power of the earth. Used as a weapon is a kind of stick divisible into three (Sansetsukon).

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