Checklist – TMNT Giant

The TMNT franchise was extremely successful during the 1980s and 1990s. Although the most famous and successful collection of figures was the 12cm (4,5 inches) scale, this collection also came out with much larger figures up to 33cm (13 inches). A total of 21 giant-scale pieces were released:

TMNT Giants:

The collection began with the giant version of some of the most popular figures from the standard collection.

Giant Movies

In 1993 Playmates decided to release another wave of giant turtles, this time with the design of the turtles that appeared in the live-action movies.

Giant Mutatin’ Turtles

At the same time that the “Mutations” sub-line was launched, the four main characters were also released in giant scale, these figures have the particularity of being able to transform from normal turtle to mutant turtle.

Giant Turtle Trolls

In 1994 the last giant figures of the collection were released, this time with the turtle-troll design, these four figures are the most difficult to obtain of the giant turtle collection.

Other Ninja Turtles collections

In addition to all these giant figures, PLAYMATES also launched in parallel another line of figures on a much smaller scale:

TMNT - Tortugas ninja figura coleccion Vintage - Leonardo
  • TMNT (Basic Figures)
  • Playmates – (1988-1993)
tmnt - tortugas ninja- wacky action - Leonardo
  • TMNT (Alternatives Figures)
  • Playmates – (1990-1997)