Checklist – TMNT – Vintage

In early 1988, PLAYMATES began producing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) figure collection, most of these figures came out until 1997, when PLAYMATES began another line for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series.

Even so, other licensed toy companies continued to release figures, which we can consider to be of the same line until 1999. So, we are facing a collection that lasted more than 10 years in which hundreds of figures, vehicles and different Playsets were released.

The great success of this collection began in 1988, with the premiere of the animated series and the production of the first 10 figures of the line, these figures are undoubtedly the best known and most beloved characters by fans. In future years, these figures were reissued.

Even so, the 1988 blister version is still the most sought after and sought after by fans. We can identify them, since on the back of the blister pack there are only the images of these 10 figures, which we know as 10-back.

TMNT 1988:

TMTN 1989:

TMNT 1990:

TMNT 1991:

TMNT 1992:

TMNT 1993:

TMNT 1994-1995

And many more…

In this list we have reviewed all the “basic” figures based on characters from the series or comics, parallel to all these figures also came out several “mini-line” of figures with some theme or “Action-feature” in common, which are also part of the collection of vintage Ninja Turtles, as well as various Vehicles and Playsets that completed the gaming experience:

TMNT Vintage - Party Wagon
  • TMNT (Vehicles and Playsets)
  • Playmates – (1988-1993)
tmnt - tortugas ninja- wacky action - Leonardo
  • TMNT (Alternative Figures)
  • Playmates – (1990-1997)