Mondo Gecko

Mondo Gecko

  • Franchise:TMNT
  • Collection:Vintage
  • Manufacturer:Playmates
  • Year of launch:1990
  • Size:12cm / 5 Inches


The figure Mondo Gecko of TMNT Vintage includes the following accessories:

  • Skate
  • Tail

Curiosities and variants

Mondo Gecko is a mutant Gecko who loves to skateboard. A poor boy was skating peacefully through the streets of New York with his pet gecko on his shoulder when a container with radioactive mutagen falls on him by accident (in the purest toxic avenger style), turning him into a mutant gecko skater.

There are no known variants of this figure, but it has been reedited on occasion, so we can find it with different cardbacks, the most sought after among collectors is, obviously, the first version of 1990.

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