Top Spinner

Top Spinner

  • Franchise:Thundercats
  • Collection:LJN Vintage
  • Manufacturer:LJN
  • Release year:1986
  • Size:16cm / 7 inches


Top Spinner figure of Thundercats LJN – Vintage includes the following accessories:

  • Mace
  • Shield

Curiosities and variants of the figure

Top Spinner is part of the sub-line “Berserkers“, All “Berserkers” were packaged slightly differently than the other figures in the toy line. The card had a hole in the middle where the figure would stand with the plastic bubble enclosing it front and back. There are no known variants of this figure.


Top Spinner is one of the smallest members of the vicious Viking pirates, the Berserkers. Her attire is mainly colored in shades of purple and lilac. Like the other members of his crew, Top Spinner is loyal to his captain Hammerhand and is always happy to be part of his evil plans.

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