Tuska Warrior

Tuska Warrior

  • Franchise:Thundercats
  • Collection:LJN Vintage
  • Manufacturer:LJN
  • Year of launch:1985
  • Size:16cm / 7 inches


Tuska Warrior figure of Thundercats LJN – Vintage includes the following accessories:

  • Rifle

Curiosities and variants of the figure

The line of the Thundercats was distributed in many countries, so we can find the figure of Tuska Warrior in different blister packs, some with the “free Mumm-ra” promotion and some without. As with the rest of the figures in the Thundercats this figure comes with an “Action-feature” that moves the arms up and down by pulling a lever on its back.


The Tuska are walrus-like people native to Tuskania on the third planet. They are brave and honorable warriors, led by their courageous leader Turmagar. They protect the source of the river inside Tuskania. In several episodes they help Thundercats in their fight against mutants.

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