• Franchise:Thundercats
  • Collection:LJN Vintage
  • Manufacturer:LJN
  • Year of launch:1985
  • Size:16cm / 7 inches


Tygra figure of Thundercats LJN – Vintage includes the following accessories:

  • Whip
  • Wilykat Statuette

Curiosities and variants

The line of the Thundercats was distributed in many countries, so that we can find the figure of Jackalman in different blister packs, as well as most of the figures of the Thundercats this figure comes with an “Action-feature” that moves the arms up and down by pulling a lever on its back. There are two known variants of this figure, one known as the “Young Tygra” and another as “Old Tygra”, the main deference of this variant is the face sculpture, which for some reason was changed. It appears that one was younger than the other and was given these names.

We can also find some figures of Tygra including the statuette of WilyKat, this figurine was very simple and had no articulation whatsoever, which they solved the following year by releasing the WilyKat separately as part of the “Companions” line.


Tygra, known as Tigro on the Spanish version of the series. He is a steadfast and balanced warrior, inspired by the tiger, he is the architect and scientist of the ThunderCats. In the absence of Lion-O is the second in command and is the one who Lion-O comes for advice. He is the author of the design of all the structures of the ThunderCats on the Third Planet, like the Cats Liar and the Tower of Omens.

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